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What is the new build project?

The College has been working closely with Tameside Borough Council to develop an ambitious 3 phase plan for a new College estate for the Borough of Tameside.

In Phase 1 we plan to build a new Advanced Learning Centre on Camp Street Car Park in the centre of Ashton and an Advanced Technologies Centre on the Beaufort road campus.

In Phase 2 the College plans to relocate the Commercial offer and training facilities into a new ‘State of the Art’ development on Market Square. The site will accommodate both the College facilities and new Service Centre for Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.

In Phase 3, the College plans to redevelop key areas of the Beaufort Road Campus including improved facilities for Construction and the Built Environment skills, Motor Vehicle, Sport, Public Services, Care, Management & Finance and Access provision. There are also plans to develop enhanced accommodation and provision for Dovestones students and some Foundation Learning.

What subjects/areas of study are going into these new phases of development?

In Phase 1, A level provision and Creative, Digital and Performing Arts will move into the new Advanced Learning Centre on Camp Street. In addition to the build on Camp street, a new Advanced Technologies Centre will be built on Stamford street and will provide flagship facilities for Advanced Engineering, Computing and Green Technologies.

In Phase 2, the College commercial offer – Bakery, Hair, Beauty, Travel, and Business, and some Foundation Learning will move into a new Advanced Skills Centre in Ashton.

In Phase 3 there will be a redevelopment of Construction, the Built Environment, traditional Engineering, Motor Vehicle, Sport, Public Services, Care, Management & Finance, Access, Dovestones and some Foundation Learning on the Beaufort road site.

When is all this going to happen?

Phase 1 – Work is due to start on site in the spring of 2014 with completion by September 2015

Phase 2 – Work is planned to start in 2015 with the development opening in September 2017.

Phase 3 – Work on phase 3 will run in tandem with work in Phase 2 with completion dates in 2017-2018.

How will the new build programme affect the existing college estate?

The College plans to sell Hyde Clarendon and Stockport road sites to help to fund this new development.

What will it mean to staff working at Hyde Clarendon?

The new build programme provides staff with an opportunity of working either in the Town Centre or at the Tameside College Beaufort road site. All A level provision and Creative, Digital and Performing Arts provision will be based at the Advanced Learning Centre in Ashton Town Centre.

Will this new development lead to job losses?

We do not envisage staff losses as part of this development. The new build is intended to support planned growth in student numbers and improve job security.

What will it mean to students studying at Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form College?

Most of our current students will not be affected by this development and will see no change to where they study. From September 2015, a significant number of students will move into the new ‘Advanced Learning Centre’ in the centre of Ashton. This purpose built centre for 16-18 year olds will house A level and Creative, Digital, Visual and Performing Arts provision. There will be new town centre facilities for a number of vocational subjects in phase 2 and 3 and a refurbishment of buildings on the Beaufort road campus. The College will be supporting all Hyde Clarendon Learners with travel arrangements into Ashton town centre.

Car parking is a big issue for learners – How will the college ensure there is sufficient car parking at the new centres?

The College is retaining parking facilities at Beaufort road and has registered a number of car parking passes with the local authority for parking on the Camp street site. Both the Advanced Learning Centre and Phase 2 of the new build will be located close to the new Metrolink terminal, Ashton railway station and the Bus interchange.

Why has the college decided to go ahead with this new development?

Young people in Tameside are now leaving the new Schools and Academies built through the Building Schools for the Future programme. In year 11, their expectations are to move on to a post 16 environment that offers access to the latest technology in ‘state of the art’ facilities. Too many young people are choosing to go outside of the borough for post 16 education. We believe that they deserve to have the best facilities on their doorstep. The College plans to ensure our young people get the best offer, resources and educational opportunities in Tameside.

Won’t taking learners out of Hyde have a negative impact on the local economy?

We don’t believe that this is true. Hyde Clarendon is located outside of Hyde Town Centre and most students choose to stay on campus during the day. The new buildings in the Town Centre and the relocation of thousands of staff and students will bring significant benefits to the shop keepers and economy of Ashton Town Centre. Students and staff will continue to move between Beaufort road and the new town centre campus and this will continue to provide passing trade for businesses on Penny Meadow.

Does this project mean that in future there will not be any A level provision in Hyde?

Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form College has excellent relationships with Hyde Community College and has actively supported the school to develop the A level provision in their Sixth Form.

How will the plans affect residents on Beaufort Road?

The new building planned for the Beaufort Road campus is the Advanced Technologies Centre. This Centre is part of phase 1 of VisionTameside and is due for completion by September 2015.

The Advanced Technologies Centre will sit on the Stamford Street side of the Victoria building (our main tower) and we anticipate little impact on Beaufort road. As a comparison of current heights – The main staircase height of the Victoria building is 21.5 metres. The Victoria Building elevation of the planned Technologies Centre is 15.2 metres and this rises to 27.8 metres at Stamford Street.

The development of Beaufort road will eventually see a reduction in the overall size of the campus, as staff and students move into new buildings in Ashton Town Centre. There will be an opportunity for residents to attend communications meetings as our plans progress. We aim to hold the first one of these early in 2014 and will post details of all events on our website.

How will the developments affect Dovestones?

As part of our Phase 1 development the College Dovestones provision will be relocating into purpose designed accommodation on the Beaufort road site. Work on these new facilities is likely to start in the summer of 2015 and complete later that year.

In addition, our Dovestones students work across other departments on campus and will have access to the new specialist areas coming on to site as our redevelopment plans progress.

What are the future plans for the existing Hyde Clarendon site?

The College plans to ensure our young people get the best offer, resources and educational opportunities in Tameside. The College is only at the early stages of considering options for the existing Hyde Clarendon site and any plans will be shared with local residents as they are progressed.