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Council FAQs


What will happen to the old Town Hall and old Waterboard offices?

Both these buildings are listed buildings and will remain as they are. The demolition and subsequent rebuild will happen around them.

What about Wilkinson’s store when TAC is demolished?

Wilkinson’s are a key partner in this new development and they are committed to opening a new store in the same building as the Council and College as part of the phase 2 rebuilding programme. A temporary site for the store will be found in the Town Centre from where they will continue to trade until the new building is ready.

The TAC building is only 30 years old – how can you afford to replace this when you are cutting services and jobs?

The existing Council Offices are too big and too expensive to run and maintain with annual costs in region of £2m a year and up to half the space unoccupied. On top of that the building is in need of a major refurbishment to make it fit for purpose. Replacing it with a new modern facility along with Tameside College and Wilkinson’s will save £1.5 million a year, play an important part in the redevelopment of the area and provide a significant boost to the Town Centre Economy.

How can you afford to give car park/land to the College for the new Advanced Learning Centre (ALC)?

The area of Camp Street car park that will be used to build the new ALC on is not being given to the College; it is being leased to them.

It’s already difficult to park in Ashton on busy days and building the ALC on Camp Street car park will make matters even worse?

There is already plenty of spare capacity in the various Town Centre car parks with 2,500 available spaces, which means that even at busy times shoppers and workers will have no problem finding a convenient space to park their car. In addition the arrival of Metrolink to the Town Centre will make it easier for people to visit without having to bring their cars. Surveys into the shopping habits of visitors to Ashton’s town centre have revealed that 70% of them arrive by public transport, not by private vehicle.

See here for a comprehensive list of available car parking spaces in Ashton Town Centre.

What will happen to the College sites on Stockport Road, Clarendon Road and Beaufort Road?

Part of the College will remain on Beaufort Road including the workshops and a new Advanced Technologies centre. This work will be undertaken as the third phase of the programme. The other sites (Stockport Road and Clarendon Road) will be sold off – potentially for residential development.

During the building and demolition work won’t Ashton Town Centre become a “no-go area” making it even more difficult for shops to trade?

We will be working very closely will local shops, retailers and market traders to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum. This programme is part of a larger town centre redevelopment plan which greatly improves the area and makes it a more attractive and convenient place for shoppers and visitors to come to.

What is the benefit of all this?

This initiative will bring with it many benefits not least to local students from across Tameside who will have modern, state of the art facilities with excellent transport links on their doorsteps. An independent economic analysis has identified that Vision Tameside will bring £300 million economic growth to the area through creation of jobs, increased apprenticeships and increased footfall to local shops and retailers. The construction of phase 1 & 2 buildings will complement the on-going improvements to the Town Centre making it a more accessible and pleasant place to visit and shop.

How will this affect the market?

We will be working very closely will local shops, retailers and market traders to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum. This programme is part of the larger town centre redevelopment plan which will greatly improve the area and make it a more attractive and convenient place for shoppers and visitors to come to.

How will this affect me when I shop?

In any major construction project there is likely to be some disruption around and about the immediate building site area. Steps will be taken to ensure this disruption is kept to a minimum and that the Town Centre shopping experience remains unaffected.

Will bus routes be changed as a result of this work?

Should any bus routes need to be changed during these works, we will work with Transport for Greater Manchester to ensure they are well communicated and sign posted for bus passengers.

Is there investment going into Hyde?

Tameside is made up of 9 distinct Towns. Each has its own individual identity and is rightly proud of its own achievements and history. This is something the Council respects and promotes through District Assemblies and Town Teams. Ashton is the primary retail destination for Tameside, and as such the success of the Town Centre economy is important to the success of the whole borough. Recent investments such as Metrolink, along with the Vision Tameside programme and market ground redevelopment will help to further improve the offer to shoppers. This however does not limit investment in other Towns, and in recent years Hyde itself has benefited from tens of millions of pounds of investment in the Town Centre, its primary and secondary schools building and economic development.